Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mom's Perfect Banana Q's

Among my mom's repertoire, I find she makes her banana q's the best. She's able to catch the saba just when they're prefect for sugar frying--when it's tender to the touch with near to yellow skin. She knows just how much sugar to add and just how hot the oil should be--producing a lovely graded texture, with the crunchy sweet crust giving way to a moist tender interior. It's bliss. I've never tried them with vanilla ice cream or anything for that matter, devouring them in an instant before thought had made its way. But I imagined it'll be quite a sensation. Just like how we enjoy warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. They're sticky, alright. But when well spaced apart on a wide plate, you won't end up with one colossal banana tower. Blot out excess oil and let cool til just warm before eating them, anytime before that and it's scalding hot! Allow the sugar to caramelize and form a crunchy skin, enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Mom's Banana Q

1 bundle saba, (choose the ones already tender to the touch)
granulated sugar/brown sugar, as needed

1. Heat oil in a wok, til smoky.
2. Dredge sliced saba on sugar, coating completely.
3. Fry as much as wok can contain, do not crowd. Fry til sugar adheres to the saba. Remove excess oil, put on plate.

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