Sunday, August 13, 2006

Soy Healthy! Soy Good!

Back when I was in college (not too long ago hehe) I frequent the Greenbelt movie house mainly for its cornucopia of snacks I can bring with me inside the movie house. There's the barbecue flavored popcorn, chicken wraps, Aloi rice crackers (just one floor below, in the fast food center), and then there's my favorite Wasabi popcorn and Soy Ice Cream from Chimara.
And I so love their soy ice cream (further scrutiny revealed they're made by Arce Dairy, no wonder it's so good!)) I could eat a 1-pint tub in one sitting.
Fast forward to present. Carl, his sister Nin and I were on our way back to the parking lot in MOA (Mall of Asia) when I spotted the newly opened Chimara on the ground floor. It was brightly lit with a white interior and a contemporary flair. Instinctively, I went inside and checked out an old favorite. I noticed they've added new flavors and considerately even included sugar-free ones. After a deliberately quick decision-making, I picked the Green Tea Soy Creme (P160).
I purposefully asked for a plastic spoon, because knowing myself full well, I'm inclined to using my forefinger (tsktsk). The nutty soy flavor was very distinct, with a mild creaminess to it. The texture isn't like the real thing, of course; but it's soy ice cream and I'm definitely getting what I asked for. I love the hit of green tea, not too bitter, but ever present. Unsurprisingly, the soy creme isn't too sweet, even if unmasked by icy coldness. And its texture is icy smooth, somewhat like a cross between a gelato and a sorbet, making it all the more interesting.
have a bite!
Nextime I'll have that strawberry!

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