Monday, August 21, 2006

A Wedding Cake Primer

I had my first wedding cake lesson almost a month ago and none other than from my sister, C, of course. She, being pregnant and all, needed help, and I, feeling it's about time I learn a new art, willingly gave a helping hand. "We're making an easy one." Ok, I thought, perfect for Lesson 101.
The cake was of standard size, measuring roughly 16x12x8. Since we had already prepared fondant and gum paste several days ago, it made our work continuous and a zip. Adding a shade of ivory to the fondant took a lot of effort on my part; I'm used to kneading breads, no problem, but this! The fondant was really dense and compact. My sister made it look so easy, I felt like Steve Smith in American Dad. Anyway, I got a hold of it soon enough, a little cornstarch here and there did the trick to make fondant un-sticky.
shiny as bald!
I learned a trick or two in rolling out the fondant. It's easy when you're only covering a small round, but it sure is a different story when you're to cover a huge one, a sexy cola shape or a tea cup! I enjoyed running my hands round and round to smoothen the fondant and make it adhere to the styrofoam. The hand motion should be circular, quick and simultaneous with the circling of the fondant covered styro. Cornstarch sure played a vital role on this part, it helps your hand be able to glide smoothly and perfectly.
I was doubtful at first as to the width of the rolled fondant. I didn't thought it would be enough to cover the bottom of the styro. But, hey, if she says it will, then surely it would. And I watched as she kneaded and smoothened and lengthened the fondant skirt, making the excess come flowing freely down to the bottom. Oh, the art of it all!
The 80% finished cake. The next morning would be the painting of gold to random wads of curtains. I loved the look of the roses-- in full bloom and bloody red color. The leaves, made from gumpaste, added a realistic touch. Overall, I had loads of fun learning the art in wedding cake making, I'm far from being able to do it on my own, but in time, I just maybe could.

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