Saturday, December 02, 2006

Something Small, Something Big

My friend S, gave these to me, these nuggets of pure chocolate indulgence. You could actually see my teeth marks on it, I bit on it not so much for picture purposes as for my lack of self-control. She presented it to me and as if on reflex, chomp! Brought from Manila Peninsula Exclusivites, she could hardly contain her excitement in sharing it. And are they good! It's so smooth it practically melts on my tongue. It's a dense good quality ganache covered with melted chocolate that gives it an almost imperceptible crunch. The quality being Valrhona.She also gave me this big half-globes Chocolate Chip Cookies (P80/5) from Gng Bukid. Yes, coined from Mrs. Fields. They have an almost cake-like texture, but a great eat nonetheless; something nice to have on hand when you just want something. I like how it's studded almost to the brink with chocolate chips and the buttery taste really comes through. Its pebbly, uneven top and hugeness also adds to its charm. But, if you're a chewy cookie type of a person, then this won't be it for you.

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