Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An Affair with Coffee

For something that happens often enough, I still get piqued when everytime I order an espresso, the attending barista looks at me questioningly and asks "just espresso?" Yes, just espresso, please. I love coffee and there are times that I seek the potency in its purest form, so I know what I'm doing, sister. Doubly annoying was when another barista in another incidence informed me that "it comes in a small cup." But of course, it's only shot!Coffee drinking has become my 2-way comfort zone: a placebo for a stressful day and an activity to be enjoyed with close friends and family. My love for it stemmed from influence, I guess. Everybody in my family drinks coffee, in the morning, afternoon, and even before going to bed (my bro-in-law does that. Honest!). My sisters and I always meet for lunch then coffee and desserts. It has become a routine, an extension of a get-together; such demand marks the continuous increase in coffee shops everywhere. With such love for the drink, I've become my Bee's official coffee ambassador or connoisseur as he'd tell his friends. I research, read and had even studied about their properties, but frankly, I'm no connoisseur; I'm merely someone who has a taste for them-- a heightened taste that can distinguish one good shot from a bad shot (pun intended).

Generally, I like my coffee black, with an earthy acidity and full bodied. From the time it comes out of the espresso machine, you have about 20 minutes before it stales and loses some of its sweet, dark caramel flavor and aroma; and without acidity, the coffee tastes flat. This property is not much regarded with gourmet, ice-blended coffee drinks, though, as the sugar and other flavor additives masks this nuance.

Freshly brewed coffee may take you a couple of minutes more to prepare, but a stimulating brew early in the day may just be what you need alongside a rich and buttery pain au chocolat.

Thanks to Doubleshot Coffee and Pastry Bar @ Hotel Frendy Manila, 1548 A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila. (+632) 5243363.

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